Climate change and SRHR

7 februari, 2024

Information video by ANSER:

We are thrilled to announce that last week we launched the first knowledge clip in the ANSER Knowledge Clip Series, titled ‘Empowering Change: Navigating the Intersection of Climate Change and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.’ Discover the profound intersection between climate change and sexual and reproductive health in this impactful knowledge clip. Through the compelling stories of Chioma, Dimitri, and Nyasha, the clip illustrates how climate change have far-reaching effects on SRHR worldwide. 

“Empowering Change” urges policymakers to take immediate action by investing in disaster preparedness, fostering community education, and supporting vital research initiatives. As we collectively face this global challenge, addressing the impact of climate change on sexual and reproductive health and rights becomes paramount in building a more equitable and resilient future for everyone.



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